Hi, I'm Lukas Yoder.

I'm an undergrad student at Georgia Tech majoring in EE and currently exploring DSP, RF, and optics as potential concentrations.

Right now, I'm co-oping at GTRI's Electro-Optical Systems Lab, where I get to work on cool projects such as synthesizing expensive computations on FPGAs.

When not working, studying, or in class, I volunteer my time as Director of Operations at GT's Hive Makerspace and managing GT's Linux User Group as well as working on both hardware and software-based hobby projects (such as the OS I developed) and reading books on everything from locksmithing to electronics and programming.

I've worked on a few projects, many of which are detailed in my resume, and I've published a few of them as Open Source. To see the Open Source projects I've worked on, check out my git repo.

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, feel free to use any of the email links under my name on this page.